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Write & publish a book that matters

Our team of ghostwriters, editors, branding experts, designers, and publishing experts have helped thousands of authors, published hundreds of bestselling books, and won elite prizes. Hand over your typewriter. Give us your stack of pages. Trust us with your stories. We will help you write a book that matters, leave a legacy, and drive new clients and opportunities.

It's Time to Leave a Legacy

A Book that Matters.

We don't just want to work with you on a templated book. (Ahem, like other ghostwriting and publishing firms for experts and entrepreneurs.) We want you to write a book that matters to you, to your audience, and to the crazy people who still haven't heard about you (yet).

A Book is the Best Business Card

Authors making a bigger impact.

Go to the coffee shop down the street, and you'll hear someone say, "The world is going to hell in a handbasket" (probably said more colorfully). Our question for you is, how can you make a meaningful difference with your book, your business, and your one life? (It's about time.)

Books Are the Cornerstone of Thought Leadership

Leverage your book to Get Leads, Build your Business and your tribe.

Thought Partner Group

We do things differently.

One of our clients said to us, "Thanks for being 'thought partners'." The name stuck, and we think with our clients, partnering with them, as they walk down the path from expert to thought leader. In other words, we want your brand new book to drive business through your door, at the same time as your ideas make the world a better place.

A Better way to Write & Publish

The Method

The Skeleton Method is an approach to writing bestselling business books that we have been using for 18 years to work with celebrities, top-rank military, senior business leaders, and entrepreneurs. This is the first time we are opening up the process to the public.To find out more about the Skeleton Method, download our slide deck below. It has more details about the program, as well as pricing, testimonials, and how we work with clients.

Giving authors their power back

The Manifesto

Our founders, whom we affectionately call "the professor and the geek" wanted to disrupt the writing and publishing industry. For too many years, experts and entrepreneurs have been paying far too much to write and publish their books, and the industry has preyed upon their vanity, to the tune of $25k, or sometimes $250k. The professor (a digital publishing pioneer) and the geek (a business guy who has created billions in value) teamed up to create The Skeleton Method, which ghostwrites books for these experts, so that they can truly build their tribe.

Team of Journalists and Writers

Award-Winning Writers

We are kind of like a talent agency. We find authors with great topics, but we also find great team members to work on your book. We find the best interviewers (investigative journalists), ghostwriters, editors, designers, branding consultants, publishing geeks, and marketing strategists. And we bring them all together under one roof ... to work on your book. Oh, and everything is run by award-winning writers. (I guess that's our secret sauce.)

Get your book into the marketplace

Publishing & Distribution

We have been publishing books for decades, and are pioneers in digital publishing (which includes print-to-demand, digital printing, offset and offshore, as well as ebooks and alternative format books). We have worked with New York Times Bestsellers, USA Today Bestsellers, and Bestsellers, and we have launched some really neat careers. Long story short, we don't have a one-size-fits-all approach, but we will be sure that your book finds its tribe. We will take care of all of the details, or teach you how to be an independent publisher, or help you take the right steps to find a major publisher - ultimately doing what makes the most sense for you, your business, and your bottom line.

Leverage book to build your Tribe

Launch & Marketing

Books have four corners and a stable, flat surface, just like a big ol' platform. And that's what books are, and can be. If you have written the "right" book for the right audience, they will become part of your tribe. And with a tribe, you can accomplish nearly anything. So our biggest goal is figuring out how to write and publish the book that your tribe needs. And from there, we work with you to attract the tribe around you. (We will also do our best to prevent you from setting piles of money on fire in the process of launching and marketing your book.)

Talk to one of our Book Strategists

Schedule a Consult

One of our book strategists will be happy to chat with you about your book, your brand, and your business. No hard-selling. No fake promises. Just a call about you and your tribe.

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